In the Church of England, everyone has a right to be baptised (or to have their children baptised) in their local Parish Church or in the Church where they regularly worship.

Please contact the Parish Office if you would like to arrange a baptism for you or your child.

If you would like to celebrate the birth of a child but would rather not make the statements of faith that a baptism involves, we will be happy to arrange a Service of Thanksgiving instead.

There is no charge for Baptisms or Services of Thanksgiving at St Pancras Church.

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What is baptism?

Baptism is all about new beginnings – for a child the beginning of life; for an adult the beginning of a new life of faith in Jesus Christ. For children and adults alike it marks the beginning of formal membership of the church.

Through the baptism promises we express our commitment to God, and we are reminded of God’s commitment to us through the symbols of the water (a sign of new life), the cross (a sign of forgiveness) and the baptism candle (a sign of the light of God shining through the darkness of our world.)

baptism service