PSALM – the Project for Seniors and Lifelong Ministry is an independent registered charity, based at St Pancras Church, Euston Road.

PSALM began in 2004.  In our early years, funding to support the organisation was received from the Diocese of London, St Pancras Church, the Thanet Street Trust and the National Lottery “Awards for All”.

PSALM provides lectures, workshops and seminars with the specific aim of addressing matters of interest and concern to people over 60, or those approaching retirement, or anyone with an interest in ageing and spirituality.  There are no age restrictions to attend PSALM events or to be a PSALM member.  PSALM is active London-wide.  Many of our events take place in central London, but we welcome invitations to design and run courses for groups wherever they are in Greater London.


PSALM is an ecumenical organisation.  Whilst our events and programmes draw on insights from our Christian faith, our events are open to people of all faiths or none.  The PSALM executive committee meets 6 times a year and has an ecumenical membership drawn from denominations in Greater London.