PSALM AGM – Annual Report & Lecture

 The PSALM AGM was held at St Pancras Church on Wednesday 27th March 2019.
Please click here to see the PSALM Annual Report for 2018.
Ann Morisy, Freelance Community Theologian and PSALM Associate, spoke on the theme of ‘Playing Fair across the Generations.’
‘Many of us belong to the generation that Harold Macmillan suggested had ‘never had it so good’. A combination of factors has meant that future generations are unlikely to be quite so blessed as their parents’ and grandparents’ generations. Our society, and we as Christians, face the challenge of how to take account of the needs of younger and future generations so that we can head off the possibility of resentment and blame infecting the relationships between generations.’
The full lecture can be found here.
The 2020 AGM & Lecture will be held on Tuesday 24th March at 3pm at St Pancras Church House, Lancing Street, London NW1 1NA (across the road from the side entrance to Euston Station)
Guest Speaker : Revd Lizzie Baughen
‘Just do one thing’ – Thinking positively about dementia