About our Catalogue


Our catalogue describes the events that PSALM can host for you or enable you to host.  We hope they will prime your imagination and interest in running some of these workshops in your church.  There is an enquiry form at the back of the catalogue to enable you to indicate in which of the themes and events you are interested.

All the workshops described have been previously run by PSALM and evaluated by participants.  The list of workshops that PSALM has designed and run grows all the time.

Can’t see what you’re looking for or don’t know where to start?

PSALM is able to work with you to help identify ways forward. It is possible to work with a local group to design workshops that address issues that are particular to your circumstances.

Money matters.

PSALM relies on donations and small grants along with the ongoing support and generosity of St Pancras Church (Euston Road).  If you are able to make a financial contribution to PSALM’s work that would be excellent.  We estimate that £20 an hour is needed to cover PSALM expenses so preliminary discussions and facilitating a workshop may involve ten hours.  However, there are many grant making bodies to which a request for financial support for the cost of the workshops may be well received.  PSALM can advise on this and help with drafting applications.  If you anticipate applying for funds for the workshops do make allowance for this in setting dates for workshops.