5 March 2015
St Pancras Church London

Liberal Anglican Christianity in Central London

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For nearly 200 years St Pancras Church on the Euston Road has gathered people together to worship God, to learn more about the Christian faith, and to serve the local community. Come and be part of its continuing story.


 Photo by Andrea Barone


A Prayer to Celebrate the Consecration of Libby Lane

the first Woman Bishop in the Church of England

on Monday 26th January 2015


Gracious God,

in whose image we are made, male and female,

we thank you for the consecration of Bishop Libby.

May her ministry and that of the whole church

bear witness to the reconciling love of your kingdom,

through which divisions are healed

and in which women and men are made one in Christ -

in whose name we pray. Amen.


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