Who We Are


‘We are a liberal Church of England church celebrating God’s love for everyone.’

St Pancras – The Clergy & Lay Ministers

Revd Anne Stevens  left the parish in November 2022, having been the Vicar of St Pancras since 2012. The parish is currently in an interregnum, with a variety of local priests taking our services.

Revd Peterson Feital  is a self-supporting Associate Priest. Born in Rio de Janeiro, he is the founder and CEO of The Haven+ London, a charity dedicated to supporting the emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing of the creative community in London.  For more information about The Haven+ and for events and spiritual services please visit www.thehaven.london.com

There is a video here about the connection between The Haven+ and St Pancras.

Olyve Johnson is our Licensed Lay Minister (Reader) who preaches and leads services at St Pancras. Olyve works for the Department of Work & Pensions.

St Pancras – The Congregation

The congregation of St Pancras comes from all walks of life and from all over the world. Everyone is welcome whatever their age, race, social background or sexual orientation.

Dorothea Hackman and Duncan Lamont are our current Church Wardens.

PCC Members 2022-23

Patrick Brough
Olyve Johnson
Hilary Kalmbach
Jonathan Lewin
Agnes Ogunmuyiwa
Anne Rouse (Secretary)
Dorothy Severin

St Pancras – The Staff Team

Parish Manager


Crypt Manager

Director of Music

Miriam Campbell

Alain Kouahou, Ronnie McMahon, Colin Peart

Anne Noble-Partridge

Dr. Chris Batchelor

You are welcome to call into the Parish Office (in the front left corner of the church), or to phone or email us. All of our contact details are available here.